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Amazon parrot for sale


Bird Species: Amazon parrot for sale
Colors: Green
Sounds: Vocal,  Mimics, Natural calls
Interaction: Social, Fun, Clown,   Cuddly
Specie : Amazon parrot
​Age : 0  to 13  Months old
​Sex : Male and Female
​Vaccinated : Yes
​Tamed : Yes
Sex : Male / Female available


Exploring the Dazzling Diversity of Amazon Parrots for

Amazon parrots represent one of the most iconic and beloved groups of parrots worldwide. Over 30 recognized species of Amazon parrots inhabit the tropical regions of Central and South America.

These intelligent, charismatic birds have been cherished as pets for centuries thanks to their stunning beauty, ability to talk, and interactive personalities. This article delves into the distinguishing features and conservation status of these remarkable parrots.

Overview of Amazon Parrots for sale

The term “Amazon parrot for sale” encompasses a diverse group of medium to large parrots characterized by short, blunt tails and bright plumage, often with patches of iridescent feathers.

They inhabit diverse ecosystems across Mexico, Central America and South America where flocks feast on fruits, seeds, nuts and berries. Their high intelligence and social nature have allowed many species to thrive as human companions.

Distinctive Blue-Fronted Amazons for sale

The vibrant blue-fronted Amazon (Amazona aestiva) sports a bright azure blue patch on its forehead, contrasting beautifully with the green and yellow plumage on its body.

Blue patches alsooccur on the bend and edges of the wings. This species measures 13-14 inches(33-36 cm) and weighs 10-13 oz (280-370 g).

Blue-fronted Amazons are energetic, curious and love to chew. Their outstanding talking abilities endear them to many owners. Blue-fronts can learn hundreds of words and imitate noises. They are also known for their silly sense of humor and playfulness.

Native to South America, this parrot occupies woodlands and savannahs. Deforestation threatens some populations but their vast range provides a strong buffer against extinction.

Baby Gorgeous Blue Fronted Amazon

Age: 0 to 3 months old
sex: Male and female
Home trained parrot
Size : Small babies
Health :Healthier

Petite Green-Cheeked Amazons for sale

The small green-cheeked Amazon or red-crowned Amazon (Amazona viridigenalis) only reaches 10-11 inches (25-29 cm) in length but possesses a huge personality.

Their green plumage gains a lovely peach-colored flush on the “cheeks”. The red crown on the head transitions to blue feathers on the neck and nape.

Green cheeks are known for their sweet, gentle demeanor. They love singing, whistling, talking and cuddling with their owners. This smaller size makes them perfect for urban living. Their intelligence means they excel at learning tricks.

Occurring from Mexico to Peru, deforestation reductions likely explain increasing populations observed in parts of their range.

Stunning Lilac-Crowned Amazons for sale

The aptly named lilac-crowned Amazon (Amazona finschi) sports a bright lilac/purple crown atop its head, contrasting beautifully with the green body and vivid red patches on its wings and tail. Reaching 12-13 in (30-34 cm) in length, they weigh 9-11 oz (260-310 g).

This species is active and outgoing but also quite sensitive, requiring gentle handling. Lilac crowns tend to bond very strongly with one person.

Their talking ability remains limited to a few words and noises. This rare and striking Amazon inhabits the Pacific regions of Mexico and Central America. Loss of nesting trees represents their biggest threat.

Spectacular Mealy Amazons for sale

The large mealy Amazon or blue-crowned Amazon (Amazona farinosa) earns its common name from the “mealy” appearance caused by the powder downs covering its plumage.

A bright blue crown sits above their yellow eyes. Growing 14-15 in (36-38 cm) long and weighing 15-17 oz (430-480 g), these substantial birds make engaging companions.

While not the best talkers, mealies have charming, clownish personalities. Their goofy antics and playful nature delight owners. Mealy Amazons occupy a wide swath of South America east of the Andes where habitat loss affects certain populations. But stable numbers occur over much of their range.

Feisty Orange-Winged Amazons for sale

The stocky orange-winged Amazon (Amazona amazonica) measures 12-13 in (30-34 cm) and weighs around 11-13 oz (320-370 g). As the name indicates, vibrant orange patches occur under the wings and on the shoulder. The rest of the body has primarily green plumage.

Known for being lively, excitable and strong-willed, orange wings demand regular positive reinforcement training to learn manners. But their cleverness allows them to master many tricks and words when motivated.

Originally from Central and South America, orange-winged Amazons adapt readily to living alongside humans. Deforestation represents the main threat.

Impressive Panama Amazons for sale

The Panama Amazon or red-lored Amazon (Amazona autumnalis) occurs in vivid green, blue and red color variations across populations. Nominate red-lored varieties have bright red patches above the beak. Growing 11-13 in (29-33 cm) and weighing 9-12 oz (265-360 g), these social parrots thrive when kept in pairs or groups.

Panama Amazons are outgoing, playful and energetic. Their strong chewing instincts demand plenty of safe toys. Though not considered great talkers, they interact through sounds, singing and vocalizations.

Native to Mexico south to Peru, habitat loss and trapping affect some populations. But overall numbers remain reasonably stable.

Regal Yellow-Crowned Amazons for sale

The magnificent yellow-crowned Amazon (Amazona ochrocephala) earns its name from the bright yellow cap atop its head. The body displays vibrant green plumage with accents of red, blue and yellow on the wings and tail. Length reaches 13-14 in (35-37 cm) and weight 10-13 oz (285-380 g).

Yellow-crowned Amazons have charming, clownish personalities. They are active and curious but also love snuggling. Speech development remains limited. These parrots occupy forests and savannahs from eastern Mexico down into Panama. Yellow crown Amazons adapt readily to human settings. Their populations appear relatively secure.

Iconic Yellow-Naped Amazons for sale

Few birds can match the stunning beauty of the yellow-naped Amazon (Amazona auropalliata) with its vibrant yellow head and neck sharply defined from the bright green body plumage.

White rings surround the eyes. They average 13-14 in (34-36 cm) long with a weight around 9-11 oz (265-325g).

Yellow napes are known for their outstanding ability to talk and mimic sounds. Their goofy, playful personalities delight owners. Yellow-naped Amazons occupy the Pacific regions of Mexico and Central America. Though still common as pets, loss of native habitat has caused significant declines in the wild.

Yellow-Headed Amazon Parrots for sale

The endangered yellow-headed Amazon (Amazona oratrix) stands out thanks to its brilliant yellow head and neck, contrasting elegantly with a green body. Average size reaches 15-17 in (38-43 cm) with a weight around 13-18 oz (370-500g).

This larger Amazon has a bold, outgoing personality. While speech remains limited, they vocalize excitably and love to play. Yellow-headed Amazons originate from Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

Severe deforestation and poaching have decimated populations, though conservation efforts offer hope. Their rarity makes this species highly coveted.

Rare Blue-Headed Amazons for sale

The endangered blue-headed Amazon or Coraya Amazon (Amazona mercenarius) is a striking, little-known species identified by its bright blue head and throat.

The body displays green plumage with patches of red and blue. Size averages around 12-13 in (31-34 cm) and they weigh 9-11 oz (270-320 g).

Field studies of these scarce birds remain limited, but they are presumed to share the typical Amazon personality traits. Their small native range in the lowland forests of northeastern Peru place them at risk. Habitat loss and capture for the pet trade have caused drastic declines.

Brilliant Festive Amazon Parrots for sale

The aptly named festive Amazon (Amazona festiva) lights up any room with its vibrant plumage combinations of red, yellow, blue and green. Average length reaches 12-13 in (32-34 cm) and typical weight 9-12 oz (260-350 g). These active, muscular parrots have exuberant personalities.

Festive Amazons are excellent talkers and imitators of sounds. Since they require significant attention, experience handling parrots is recommended. Their wide distribution across Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay provides a buffer against extinction.

Truly Red-Lored Amazon Parrots for sale

The red-lored Amazon or red-cheeked Amazon (Amazona autumnalis) earns its common name from the brilliant crimson feathers above its beak and surrounding the eyes.

The body displays green plumage with varying amounts of blue, red and yellow. Size averages around 11-13 in (28-34 cm) and weight 9-12 oz (260-350 g).

Red-loreds are lively, social parrots that thrive on toys, activities and owner interactions. They are capable talkers when properly trained and socialized.

This Amazon inhabits forests from Mexico down into Brazil. Some local populations suffer from deforestation while their overall widespread distribution provides security.

Dapper Red-Spectacled Amazons for sale

The endangered red-spectacled Amazon or red-browed Amazon (Amazona pretrei) stands apart thanks to the bright red patch of feathers above and behind its eyes.

The rest of the body is primarily green with blue accents on the crown. Average size reaches around 9-11 in (24-29 cm) with a weight between 7-10 oz (200-280 g).

Red spectacles are spirited and acrobatic but also quite sensitive, requiring gentle handling. They chatter constantly and are moderate talkers.

This species hails from a tiny island off the coast of Brazil where habitat loss places it at risk. Conservation initiatives offer hope but wild populations are precariously small.

Rare White-Fronted Amazon Parrots for sale

The vulnerable white-fronted Amazon (Amazona albifrons) has an unmistakable white patch around its eyes and beak, contrasting sharply with the green body plumage accented with patches of blue and yellow. Length averages around 12-13 in (31-34 cm) and weight is 9-11 oz (260-320 g).

Intelligent and energetic, this species requires lots of attention and activities. White-fronted Amazons are capable of learning words but not the best talkers.

Native to scattered regions of Central America down into South America, habitat loss and capture threaten some populations. But stable numbers still occur over parts of its range.

Impressive Double Yellow-Headed Amazons for sale

The striking and endangered double yellow-headed Amazon (Amazona ochrocephala oratrix) has a bright yellow crown, nape and ear patch contrasting with green body plumage accented with vivid red, blue and yellow highlights.

Length can reach up to 15-17 in (40-43 cm) with weight around 13-18 oz (390-500 g).

These larger parrots have a bold, outgoing personality. Speech remains limited but they vocalize excitably and love high-energy play. Found only on the Yucatan Peninsula, severe deforestation and trapping have decimated populations. Conservation initiatives offer hope for the future.

Brilliant Yellow-Shouldered Amazons for sale

The vulnerable yellow-shouldered Amazon or yellow-shouldered parrot (Amazona barbadensis) displays a bright yellow band across its shoulders, complementing the green plumage accented with vivid red and blue feathers. Average size is around 12-13 in (30-34 cm) with a weight between 8-12 oz (240-360 g).

Energetic and acrobatic, these Amazons are also quite sensitive and require gentle handling. Yellow-shouldered Amazons are capable talkers. Found only on certain Caribbean islands, habitat loss poses the main threat. But awareness campaigns help protect remaining populations.

Dazzling Turquoise-Fronted Amazon Parrots for sale

The endangered turquoise-fronted Amazon or blue-fronted Amazon (Amazona aestiva) gains its name from the unmistakable bright turquoise patch on its forehead. The body displays elegant green plumage with accents of scarlet, yellow and blue. Length averages around 13-14 in (35-37 cm) with a weight of 9-12 oz (270-360 g).

These active parrots delight owners with their charming, playful nature. Turquoise-fronted Amazons thrive on interaction and excel at learning tricks and words.

Native to a few Pacific coastal regions of South America, habitat loss places pressure on remaining populations. But their success adapting to human settings is encouraging.

Striking Red-Browed Amazon Parrots for sale

The red-browed Amazon or red-spectacled Amazon (Amazona rhodocorytha) has a bright red brow above and behind the eye that stands out boldly from the sleek green plumage. Blue accents occur on the bend of the wings. Average size is around 11-12 in (29-31 cm) with a weight range of 8-10 oz (240-280 g).

Often called the “clown of the Amazon parrots” for their silly, playful personalities, red-browed Amazons make delightful companions when well-socialized.

They are only moderate talkers. This Brazilian endemic has a very limited range threatened by deforestation and trafficking. Wild populations are endangered.

Brilliant Green Amazon Parrots for sale

The green Amazon parrot (Amazona viridigenalis) true to its name sports primarily bright green plumage over most of its body. Yellow, blue, scarlet and orange feathers add lovely contrasting accents. Average size reaches 10-11 in (25-29 cm) and weight just 7-9 oz (215-260 g).

The small stature of the green Amazon allows it to thrive as an apartment pet. These parrots have charming, gentle personalities. They are easy-going and enjoy singing, talking and bonding with their human flock.

Found from eastern Mexico down into Panama, this species adapts well to living near human settlements.

Dashing Scarlet-Shouldered Amazons for sale

The endangered scarlet-shouldered Amazon or red-shouldered Amazon (Amazona tucumana) has bright scarlet feathers on its shoulders contrasting elegantly with the green and blue plumage covering the rest of its body. Length averages around 12 in (30 cm) and weight is 8-10 oz (220-280 g).

Active and acrobatic, scarlet-shouldered Amazons are sensitive birds requiring gentle handling. They are capable talkers when socialized properly. This species suffers from capture for the pet trade and loss of its specialized habitat. Conservation efforts currently aim to protect remaining populations.


This overview highlights the incredible diversity found across the 30+ Amazon parrot for sale species inhabiting the New World tropics. From the massive blue-fronted Amazon to the tiny green-cheeked Amazon, these parrots awe us with their spectacular colors and charming personalities.

Continued commitment to habitat conservation and captive breeding programs will ensure Amazon parrots remain treasured avian companions for generations to come.


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