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Black-Billed Amazons parrot for sale

Bird Species:  Black-Billed Amazons parrot

Sounds: Vocal,  Mimics, Natural calls
Interaction: Social, Fun, Clown,
Specie : Amazon parrot
​Age : 0  to 9  Months old
​Sex : Male and Female
​Vaccinated : Yes
​Tamed : Yes
Sex : Male / Female available


Black-Billed Amazons: A Look at These Intriguing Green Parrots

With an inquisitive nature and impressive talking ability, Black-Billed Amazon parrots make uniquely rewarding companions for the right owners. Below is an in-depth guide to everything you need to know about these green charmers.

A Prized Parrot Native to Mexico and Central America

The Black-Billed Amazon originates from eastern Mexico down to Honduras where it inhabits lowland rainforests. With brilliant green plumage and a signature black upper mandible, this parrot has been a popular pet species since the 1960s. However, habitat destruction and trapping have led to decreasing wild populations, making captive breeding critical for their future.

A Clever, Curious Personality

Black-Billed Amazons are active, social parrots renowned for their intelligence. They are naturally curious and excel at mimicking speech and household sounds. However, their energetic nature and loud vocalizations require lots of mental stimulation and exercise. Without proper training, these parrots can develop behavioral problems like screaming and feather plucking. Providing a enriching lifestyle is key to their health and happiness.

Natural Talkers with Diverse Vocal Skills

With advanced vocal capabilities, Black-Billed Amazons mimic speech with clear articulation and perfect timing. Many owners delight in conversations with their parrots! These clever mimics also imitate sounds like doorbells, microwaves, and phones ringing. Their natural contact calls include whistles, squawks, and high-pitched screams.

Vibrant Green Plumage with Black Accents

Black-Billed Amazons sport primarily green feathers on the body, wings, and tail. The head has vivid red markings, and the beak has a unique black upper mandible. White eye rings and blue highlights on the wings and tail complete their look. Juveniles start out duller in color before molting into their mature plumage.

Caring for Your Black-Billed Amazon’s Needs

While beautiful, Black-Billeds have complex care requirements:

  • A large sturdy cage, minimum 30x20x40 inches
  • Multiple hours daily outside the cage to prevent boredom
  • A wholesome diet with veggies, fruits, pellets, sprouted seeds
  • Foraging toys to occupy their agile minds
  • Regular bathing for feather and skin health
  • Training for better behavior and enriched bonding
  • Plenty of fun activities and interaction

With proper care, Black-Billed Amazons can live 40-60 years.

Watching For Potential Health Issues

Common concerns include:

  • Obesity – limit fatty nuts and seeds
  • Feather damaging behavior – provide ample enrichment
  • Upper respiratory infections – avoid smoke and fumes
  • Vitamin A deficiency – supplement diet if needed
  • Toxicity – use stainless steel food bowls

Wellness exams and an excellent diet can prevent most medical issues.

Finding Your Perfect Black-Billed Amazon

Because of their long commitment required, Black-Billed Amazons are best suited to experienced parrot owners. Adopting from a breeder or rescue is recommended over pet stores. Be sure to thoroughly research their complex care before adding one to your family. For the properly prepared owner, a Black-Billed Amazon can be an incredibly rewarding lifetime companion.

Frequently Asked Questions About Black-Billed Amazons

  • How long do Black-Billed Amazons live? About 40-60 years with exceptional care.
  • What size cage do Black-Billed Amazons need? Minimum 30” x 20” x 40” but bigger is always better.
  • Do Black-Billed Amazons like being petted? Occasionally, but most prefer verbal interaction and head scratches.
  • Can they live outdoors? Only in warm climates that never drop below 50°F.
  • Are Black-Billed Amazons good family pets? Usually not, as they strongly bond to one person. Better suited to couples or individuals.

With their inquisitive nature and talking talents, Black-Billed Amazons make wonderfully endearing companions for those committed to their specialized lifetime care. They will fill your home with color, sound and joy for decades to come.

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