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Blue-Winged Amazon For sale

Bird Species: Blue-Winged Amazon parrot
Sounds: Vocal,  Mimics, Natural calls
Interaction: Social, Fun, Clown,
Specie : Amazon parrot
​Age : 0  to 8  Months old
​Sex : Male and Female
​Vaccinated : Yes
​Tamed : Yes
Sex : Male / Female available


Blue-Winged Amazons: A Guide to These Captivating Green Parrots

With their bright plumage and incredible talking ability, Blue-Winged Amazon parrots make for delightful but demanding pets. Read on to learn all about their origins, personality, care needs and more about these engaging birds.

Origins: Native to the Forests of Central and South America

The Blue-Winged Amazon hails from the lowland forests of Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and northern Argentina where they inhabit rainforests and woodlands. First classified in 1758, their scientific name is Amazona aestiva. While still common, their wild populations are in decline due to habitat loss. However, captive breeding provides birds for the global pet trade.

Personality: Intelligent, Social and Highly Active

Blue-Winged Amazons are exceptionally smart and social parrots. They thrive on interacting with their owners and demand lots of mental stimulation. Without adequate exercise and enrichment, these energetic birds are prone to screaming and feather damaging behaviors. However, with proper training and care, they make engaging, curious and amusing pets. Their powerful beaks can still inflict painful bites if mishandled.

Natural Talkers with Impressive Vocal Skills

Renowned for their talking prowess, Blue-Winged Amazons are excellent mimics of speech and household noises. They have an extensive repertoire of squawks, whistles and contact calls used to communicate with their flock. These vocal birds love showing off their impressive array of sounds and their ability to learn new words and phrases.

Beautiful Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange Plumage

Blue-Winged Amazons get their name from the bright blue edges on their wings and tail. Their bodies are primarily green, with vivid yellow-orange patches on the face, crest, and flight feathers. The beak is black, eyes are brown, and legs are gray. Males and females look identical in coloration.

Care and Housing for Blue-Winged Amazons

Blue-Winged Amazons have specialized care needs as parrots:

  • A large sturdy cage, minimum 30x20x40 inches
  • Several hours a day outside the cage for exercise and play
  • A nutritious diet with pellets, vegetables, fruits and sprouted grains
  • Foraging toys to keep their agile minds occupied
  • Regular bathing for feather and skin health
  • Training for better behavior and close bonding
  • Lots of interaction and activities to prevent boredom

With excellent care, Blue-Winged Amazons can live 40-60 years.

Potential Health Issues to Watch Out For

Common concerns include:

  • Obesity – limit fatty nuts and seeds
  • Feather damaging behavior – provide ample enrichment
  • Upper respiratory infections – avoid smoke and fumes
  • Vitamin A deficiency – supplement diet if needed
  • Toxicity from heavy metals – use stainless steel bowls

Most issues can be prevented with proper diet, exercise and regular vet visits.

Finding Your Own Blue-Winged Amazon

Given their long commitment required, Blue-Winged Amazons are best suited to experienced parrot owners. Adopting from a breeder or rescue is recommended over pet stores. Thoroughly research their complex care needs before bringing one home. For the properly prepared owner, few parrots are as charming, vocal and lively as the Blue-Winged Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blue-Winged Amazons

  • How long do Blue-Wings live? Approximately 40 to 60 years with exceptional care.
  • What size cage do they need? Minimum 30” x 20” x 40” but bigger is always better.
  • Do Blue-Wings like being petted? Occasionally, but most prefer verbal interaction and head scratches.
  • Can they live outdoors? Only in hot climates that never drop below 50°F.
  • Are Blue-Wings good family pets? Generally not, as they bond strongly with one person. Better suited to couples or individuals.

With dedication and proper care, the Blue-Winged Amazon’s beauty, intelligence and talking talents will brighten your home for decades to come.

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