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Conure Parrot For Sale

Bird Species: Conure Parrot
Sounds: Vocal,  Mimics, Natural calls
Interaction: Social, Fun, Clown,   Cuddly
Comparable Breeds: Conure Parrot
​Age : 0  to 12  Months old
​Sex : Male and Female
​Vaccinated : Yes
​Tamed : Yes
Sex : Male / Female available


Conures: Feisty Parrots Bursting with Personality

Known for their exuberant nature and colorful plumage, conures make lively companions when properly cared for. These medium-sized parrots originate from South America and comprise numerous species of the genera Pyrrhura and Aratinga. Read on to learn about the history, traits, and specialized care needs of these popular yet demanding pet birds.

Wild Origins of Conures

Conures inhabit diverse regions of Central and South America ranging from Mexico down to Argentina. They thrive in forests, woodlands, and savannahs. Many species live communally in large, noisy flocks.

Conure Parrot For Sale first entered the pet trade in the 1970s as breeding increased their availability. Popular species kept as pets include the sun, green-cheeked, and blue-crowned conure.

Feisty and Fun-Loving Temperament

Conure Parrot For Sale quickly win fans with their playful nature. Yet they can be described as feathered clowns with attitude! Conures delight in climbing, chewing, and investigating their surroundings.

They form close bonds with their owners when socialized properly. But conures can be nippy, noisy, and destructive when bored or mishandled. Their strong beaks need gentle guidance. With patience, conures make charming companions.

Vocalizations and Speech Potential

Conure Parrot For Sale are naturally loud and vocal. Flocks communicate through a range of raucous squawks, shrieks, and chirps. Some species like sun conures have especially piercing calls that carry far. While conures can mimic speech, their talking ability is limited to a few words or phrases at most. Their vocal talents lie more in noise than nuance!

Beautiful and Bright Plumage

Conures come in a rainbow of striking colors and patterns. Green is the predominant hue of many species. But vivid yellows, oranges, reds, and blues also feature prominently in their plumage. Markings may include bars, scalloping, stripes, or patches. No gender differences occur in size or coloration. Their soft, fluffy feathers give conures an endearing appearance.

Care Requirements of Conures

While small for parrots, conures need significant space and enrichment:

  • Large cage with toys changed frequently
  • Several hours supervised playtime daily
  • High quality diet with pellets, produce
  • Consistent positive reinforcement training
  • Social interaction and mental stimulation
  • Proper handling to avoid bites

Conures thrive when their active nature is accommodated.

Potential Health Issues

With attentive care, conures can reach 25-30 years or more. Monitor for:

  • Obesity from overfeeding
  • Feather damaging behavior
  • Respiratory infections
  • GI issues like proventricular dilation
  • Reproductive problems in females
  • Beak overgrowth

Wellness exams allow early diagnosis and treatment.

Balanced Diet for Conures

A nutritious conure diet includes:

  • High-quality pellets specific for small parrots
  • Chopped vegetables and fruits
  • Limited grains, beans, nuts, seeds
  • Fresh, clean water changed daily

Avoid excess fats, sugars, salt, and toxic foods. Monitor appetite and droppings.

An Active Lifestyle is Key

Energetic conures require extensive daily exercise and enrichment:

  • Several hours of playtime in a bird-proof room or aviary
  • Puzzle toys, foraging toys rotated frequently
  • Shower perches for bathing opportunities
  • Positive reinforcement training for tricks or tasks
  • Bonding time with human flock members

An unstimulated conure often develops behavioral issues.

Finding the Right Conure

Research which conure species best fits your lifestyle before acquiring one. Adopting through a bird rescue enables you to save a life. Or find an avian-specializing breeder focused on bird health and welfare. Expect to pay $200-500+ depending on species and age. Though demanding, conures bring joy and laughter to the properly prepared pet owner!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much space does a conure need?

The minimum cage size for conures is 24x24x36 inches. Bigger is better. They should have ample room to flap wings fully without hitting sides.

What fruits and vegetables can conures eat?

Good options include apples, berries, oranges, melons, sweet potatoes, carrots, leafy greens, peppers, squash, and beans. Offer a variety daily.

Are conures good apartment pets?

Conures are noisy and require significant time out of cage daily. Their loud vocalizations may disturb neighbors in apartments or condos. Best suited for houses.

Do I need a permit to own a conure in my state?

Some states require permits, licensing, or registration to own conures and other parrots. Check your local laws before getting one as a pet.

Where can I get a baby conure for sale?

Only buy young, hand-fed conures from reputable, avian-specializing breeders, not pet stores. Vet potential breeders thoroughly for ethical practices first.


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