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Dusky Headed Conure For Sale

Bird Species: Dusky Headed Conure

Sounds: Vocal,  Mimics, Natural calls
Interaction: Social, Fun, Clown,
​Age : 0 to 10    Months old
​Sex : Male and Female
​Vaccinated : Yes
​Tamed : Yes
Sex : Male / Female available


Dusky Headed Conures: A Guide to These Gray-Capped Parrots

Native to South America, Dusky Headed Conure For Sale are medium-sized parrots distinguished by their striking gray heads. They inhabit tropical forests in the wild. With proper training and care, dusky heads can make engaging companion birds. Read on to learn about their origins, personality, housing, nutrition, health, and where to find these charismatic gray-capped conures.

Natural Origins of the Dusky Headed Conure

The dusky headed conure hails from sections of the Amazon in Brazil, Peru, and Bolivia. Their scientific name is Aratinga weddellii. This species favors humid rainforest environments near waterways and clearings.

Dusky heads live in large, noisy communal flocks in the wild. They use loud vocalizations to communicate and stay connected to the flock while foraging. Their natural diet consists of seeds, fruits, nuts, and some insects.

The dusky headed conure entered the pet trade in the 1970s after escapees began breeding abroad. Their beautiful colors and affectionate nature made them popular aviary birds. Today most pets are domestically bred.

Typical Personality and Temperament

Intelligent and curious, dusky headed conures often have lively, mischievous personalities. They are highly active and acrobatic, demanding ample play time and toys. Dusky heads bond strongly with owners, especially when hand-fed and handled gently.

However, these parrots can turn nippy or loud without sufficient mental stimulation and training. Their smarts require ongoing effort providing puzzle toys, foraging activities, and positive reinforcement to prevent problem behaviors. But the effort pays off in a delightful companion.

Speech Ability and Vocalizations

In the wild, Dusky Headed Conure For Sale are naturally noisy, using loud squawks and screams to communicate. Some of their vocalizations can be harsh and piercing. As pets, their screaming may increase due to boredom or excitement.

While dusky heads can potentially mimic speech, their talking ability remains limited to just a few words or phrases. Their strong suit is more their wide array of natural vocalizations.

Striking Gray Head and Green Body

As their name denotes, dusky headed conures have a prominent silvery-gray head that contrasts with a primarily green body. The upper chest also shows grayish tones. Their wings and tail display vivid blue and green markings. No apparent gender differences exist in size or coloration.

Housing Requirements

Ensuring proper housing for active dusky heads is key:

  • Large cage size – minimum 24x24x36 in for one bird
  • Rectangular flight cage provides horizontal flying room
  • Several natural wood perches for roosting
  • Rotate shredding, foraging, foot toys to prevent boredom
  • Sturdy food bowls secured to prevent tipping
  • Litter or paper substrate, changed frequently

During playtime, fully bird-proof any rooms they access.

Nutrition Guidelines

A balanced diet for dusky headed conures consists of:

  • High-quality conure pellet mix
  • Chopped fruits and vegetables
  • Limited healthy cooked grains and legumes
  • Fresh water replenished daily
  • Occasional treats like nuts, seeds, in moderation

Avoid excess fat and sugars. Obesity can result from poor diets.

Enrichment and Exercise Needs

Energetic dusky heads require at least 2-3 hours of playtime out of their cage daily. Recommended enrichment strategies:

  • Allowing ample supervised flying time in a bird-proof room
  • Introducing new foraging toys and puzzle feeders
  • Training using positive reinforcement
  • Providing social interaction with human flock
  • Shower perches for bathing opportunities

An active lifestyle prevents problem behaviors in these intelligent parrots.

Potential Health Issues to Watch For

With attentive care, dusky headed conures generally live 15-25 years or more. Some potential health issues include:

  • Respiratory infections from bacteria, fungus
  • Obesity if fed improper diet high in fat, seed
  • Reproductive issues in females like egg binding
  • Feather damaging behavior from poor diet or boredom
  • Toxicity if exposed to heavy metals or fumes

Routine vet exams enable early diagnosis and treatment of any emerging conditions.

Finding a Dusky Headed Conure

Check with local bird rescues first when looking to adopt, as many need homes. If buying from breeders, vet them thoroughly for ethical, humane practices. Expect to spend $300 to $800 for this species.

While demanding pets, dusky headed conures reward proper care and training with years of affectionate companionship. Their playful spirit makes a wonderful addition to the right household.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do dusky headed conures cost?

From reputable breeders, dusky headed conures range from about $300 to $800 depending on age and color mutations. Adoption is often less through bird rescues.

Are dusky headed conures loud?

Yes, dusky heads are naturally noisy and vocal, using loud squawks, screams, and calls frequently. This is part of their normal communication.

What fruits and vegetables can they eat?

Good options include chopped apples, oranges, melons, bananas, peas, carrots, sweet potato, peppers, squash, and leafy greens.

What is their lifespan as pets?

With diligent care, proper diet and nutrition, and vet checks, dusky headed conures can live 15-25 years or longer.

Do dusky headed conures talk?

They have some capacity to mimic speech but their vocabulary is limited to just a few words or short phrases in most cases. They are better natural vocalists.


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