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Festive Amazon For sale

Festive Amazon parrot

 Sounds: Vocal,  Mimics, Natural calls
Interaction: Social, Fun, Clown,   Cuddly
Specie : Amazon parrot
​Age : 0  to 10  Months old
​Sex : Male and Female
​Vaccinated : Yes
​Tamed : Yes
Sex : Male / Female available


Festive Amazons: A Tropical Parrot Bursting with Holiday Charm

With their bright red, yellow and green plumage, Festive Amazon parrots live up to their festive name. These engaging medium-sized parrots make for delightful but demanding companion birds. Read on to learn all about their origins, personality, speech, care needs and more.

History and Origins of the Festive Amazon

The Festive Amazon hails from the Amazon basin in northeastern Brazil, inhabiting tropical rainforests and woodlands. They are sometimes considered a subspecies of the closely related Yellow-crowned Amazon. First classified as a distinct species in the 1800s, the Festive Amazon remains near threatened in the wild today due to habitat loss, though captive breeding provides an abundance for pet owners.

Temperament – An Active, Social Parrot

Festive Amazons are extremely active and social parrots that thrive on interaction with their owners. They are bold, curious and playful when properly trained and exercised. However, without sufficient attention and enrichment, Festive Amazons can become loud, destructive and aggressive. Their strong beaks can inflict painful bites if mishandled. With dedicated owners who provide proper care and training, these parrots make wonderfully engaging pets.

Excellent Talkers with Diverse Vocalizations

Renowned for their talking ability, Festive Amazons mimic speech with amazing skill and talent. They have a wide array of natural vocalizations too, including squawks, chirps, whistles and more. These amazingly capable mimics love showing off their vocal skills, making them constant sources of entertainment.

Vibrant and Festive Plumage

One look at a Festive Amazon reveals how they got their name. Their vibrant plumage features bright yellow heads and bodies, emerald green wings and back, and vivid red and royal blue tail feathers. Their beaks are black, and eyes are orange-yellow. Males and females have identical coloration, while juveniles are duller until their first molt.

Care and Housing Needs for Festive Amazons

While beautiful, Festive Amazons have specialized care requirements as parrots. Key components of a healthy habitat include:

  • A sturdy, roomy cage, minimum 30x20x40 inches.
  • Multiple hours per day outside the cage for exercise and socializing.
  • A wholesome diet with pellets, vegetables, fruits, sprouts and healthy grains.
  • Foraging toys, perches, swings and branches for behavioral enrichment.
  • Positive reinforcement training for better behavior and bonding.
  • Frequent interaction and attention to prevent problem behaviors.

With diligent care, Festive Amazons can live 40 to 60 years or more.

Potential Health Issues to Watch For

Like many parrots, Festive Amazons are prone to:

  • Obesity – limit high-fat seeds and nuts
  • Respiratory infections – avoid smoke and fumes
  • Feather damaging behavior – provide ample enrichment
  • Vitamin A deficiency – supplement diet if needed
  • Heavy metal toxicity – use stainless steel bowls

Regular vet checkups allow early detection and treatment of any issues. Most health problems can be prevented with excellent diet, exercise and care.

Finding a Festive Amazon of Your Own

Given their long lifespans and intensive needs, Festive Amazons are best suited to experienced parrot enthusiasts. Adopting from a breeder or rescue is recommended over pet stores. Be sure to thoroughly research proper Festive Amazon care before bringing one home. For the right owner willing to provide exemplary lifetime care, the Festive Amazon makes a wonderfully charming, vocal companion parrot.

Frequently Asked Questions About Festive Amazons

  • How long do Festive Amazons live? Approximately 40 to 60 years with ideal care.
  • What size cage is needed? At minimum a 30″ x 20″ x 40″ cage, larger is always better.
  • Do Festive Amazons like being pet? They may occasionally enjoy head scratches but prefer verbal interaction.
  • Can they be housed with other parrots? Sometimes, though separate housing is usually safest.
  • Are Festive Amazons good family pets? Generally not, as they bond strongly to one person.


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