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Green Winged Macaw Parrot For Sale


  • Name: Green Wing Macaw
  • Color: Red
  • Size: Large
  • Lifespan: 30 years plus
  • Sound: Vocal Communication
  • Interaction: Social

✅ Health Guarantee
✅  Hand Fed, Do Not Bite
✅   vaccinations & deworming
✅ DNA tested


Green Winged Macaw Parrot For Sale

The green-winged macaw, which weighs between 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 pounds and is about 35 inches from its scarlet head to the tip of its tapering tail, is one of the largest birds in its species and is nearly as big as the hyacinth or Buffon’s macaws.

Green Winged Macaw Parrot For Sale available for adoption too . Green Wing Macaw for sale: Out of all the larger macaws, the green wing is arguably the third most popular large macaw companion, behind the scarlet and blue-and-gold macaws.

Unsurprisingly, the green wing features a forest-green band in the middle; underneath the green is a vivid turquoise, and above is a cherry-red that covers the entire bird’s body and head; the flights are dark blue, and the long tail is made up of blue and red feathers.

Green Wing Macaws are available for purchase. The beak is enormous, capable of easily cracking tough nuts, and has a black lower jaw and a horn-colored top mandible. Green Wing Macaw for adoption.


Description and Identification

Green-winged macaws are medium-sized parrots, measuring around 33-35 cm (13-14 in) in length and weighing between 330-400 g (12-14 oz). Key features for identification include:

  1. Plumage: Their predominantly green plumage is accentuated by a red forehead, blue flight feathers, and yellow wing edges.
  2. Tail: They have a long, pointed tail.
  3. Bill: Green-winged macaws possess a large and robust bill.
  4. Sexual Dimorphism: Both males and females exhibit similar physical characteristics. Juveniles have dark eyes that become pale grey as they mature.

Geographic Range and Habitat

These parrots can be found in various habitats across central South America, including:

  1. Tropical Rainforests: Thriving in lush tropical rainforests.
  2. Woodlands: Inhabiting woodlands for nesting sites.
  3. Savannas: Adaptable to savannas.
  4. Swampy Areas: Frequenting swampy areas for food sources.


Green Winged Macaw Parrot For Sale Diet and Feeding Habits

Green-winged macaws have an omnivorous diet, consuming:

  1. Fruits: They favor palm fruits.
  2. Nuts and Seeds: Their strong beaks crack open nuts and seeds.
  3. Flower Buds: They also eat flower buds.
  4. Insects and Snails: Occasionally supplementing their diet with insects and snails.

These parrots are commonly seen foraging in small flocks, using their beaks to access their preferred food sources.

Breeding and Nesting Behavior

Reaching sexual maturity at 3-4 years, green-winged macaws breed between November and March. Their breeding behaviors include:

  1. Nesting: They nest in tree cavities, often favoring old palm trees.
  2. Egg Laying: Female green-winged macaws lay 2-4 eggs.
  3. Incubation: The incubation period lasts 24-28 days.
  4. Fledging: Chicks fledge at around 70 days after hatching.

During nesting, parents regurgitate food to feed the nestlings. These parrots are monogamous and form lifelong pair bonds.

Behavior and Communication

Green-winged macaws are social birds living in noisy flocks, using various forms of communication, including:

  1. Loud Piercing Screams: Emitting loud screams to communicate with their flock.
  2. Squawks: Using squawking as another form of vocalization.
  3. Whistles: Producing whistling sounds for communication.

They are highly active and skilled flyers. To prevent boredom and stress in captive birds, it’s important to provide enrichment. In captivity, green-winged macaws can live for 30-40 years.

Efforts are underway to protect them in reserves across South America. While they are popular as pets due to their beauty and intelligence, they require extensive care.

Green-winged macaws remain relatively common in the wild, offering a delightful sight with their striking colors and captivating vocalizations.


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