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Long-billed Corella for sale

Long-billed Corella

Bird Species:Long-billed Corella

Sounds: Vocal,  Mimics,
Interaction: Social, Fun, Clown,
Specie :Long-billed Corella
​Age : 4 to 10    Months old
​Sex : Male and Female
​Vaccinated : Yes
​Tamed : Yes
Sex : Male / Female available


The Affectionate Long-billed Corella: An Ideal Companion Parrot

The Long-billed Corella for sale is a cockatoo gaining popularity for its intelligence, affectionate nature, and moderate size. Endemic to Australia, these parrots can make delightful pets for the right owner.

History of the Long-billed Corella in Aviculture

Long-billed Corella for sale were first exported from Australia in the 1960s. Since then, their popularity as pets and aviary birds has steadily grown.

In the wild, habitat loss has impacted Corella populations. But sustainable captive breeding has made them readily available in the pet trade. Their outgoing personality and talking ability continue to win over parrot enthusiasts.

What’s the Typical Long-billed Corella Temperament?

Long-billed Corellas form strong bonds with their owners. They thrive on frequent interaction and don’t do well left alone for long periods.

Well-socialized Corellas are very playful, love cuddling and being petted, and enjoy playing with toys. Their intelligence means they need ongoing mental stimulation and training as well.

Overall, their fun-loving nature combined with their moderate size makes them ideal companion parrots. They do require attentive owners able to provide them focused time daily.

Speech and Vocal Talent

Corellas are among the best talking cockatoos, able to mimic household noises, songs, and vocabulary. Their clear, enthusiastic speech is a point of pride with these intelligent birds.

However, their vocal nature means they can scream for attention if bored or lonely. Proper training and enrichment reduces undesirable screaming behaviors.

Appearance and Size

The Long-billed Corella has an all white body, short rounded crest, and pale pink-red eye rings. As their name suggests, their upper mandible is elongated.

They are a medium-sized cockatoo, reaching 13-15 inches in length. Their compact size makes them easier to accommodate than larger cockatoos.

Caring for a Pet Long-billed Corella

To keep a Long-billed Corella healthy and happy:

  • Provide a large cage filled with toys, swings, and perches
  • Offer a nutritious diet of pellets, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and calcium
  • Allow supervised time flying free each day
  • Shower or mist them frequently for feather health
  • Engage them with games, one-on-one playtime, and training
  • Take them for annual check ups at an avian vet

With proper care, Long-billed Corellas can live 40-60 years. Be prepared for a long-term commitment when taking one on as a pet.

Common Health Problems

Like other cockatoos, Corellas can suffer from:

  • Feather damaging behaviors
  • Respiratory infections
  • Weight gain and obesity
  • Reproductive issues in females
  • Foot sores if perches are inadequate

Catching any issues early by monitoring their health and getting regular vet care helps avoid severe health conditions.

Diet and Nutrition Needs

Corellas need a balanced diet including:

  • High quality cockatoo pellet formula
  • Plenty of vegetables and fruits
  • Whole grains, nuts, and calcium-rich seeds
  • Clean, fresh water always available

Avoid excess fatty nuts and sugary produce to prevent obesity.

Exercise Requirements

Active and energetic, Corellas need lots of opportunities for exercise:

  • Allow free flight time in a bird-safe room each day
  • Provide plenty of fun toys in their cage
  • Engage them mentally with training sessions and puzzles
  • Give them wood, leather, and ropes to chew and shred

Daily activity keeps them mentally and physically fit.

Where to Find a Pet Long-billed Corella

Expect to pay $800-$2,000 for a handfed, well-socialized Long-billed Corella from a breeder. Adult birds are often cheaper.

Ask breeders plenty of questions and ensure they quarantine and health test their birds before purchase. Be prepared to wait for a tame baby bird.

Frequently Asked Questions About Long-billed Corellas as Pets

Do Long-billed Corellas make good pets?

Yes, their moderate size, playful nature, talking ability and desire for companionship make them ideal pets for the right owner able to devote time to them.

How much does a Long-billed Corella cost?

From breeders, expect to spend $800-$2,000 for a hand-fed baby. Older Corellas often cost less. Shop around for reputable sources with fair pricing.

Are Corellas affectionate pets?

Absolutely. Well-socialized Corellas form very strong bonds with their owners and love physical affection, playing, and being close to their favorite people.

What’s their temperament like?

Corellas are very active, social parrots. They thrive when kept engaged with toys, games, training, and time out of their cage. With proper care, they make wonderfully affectionate companions.

How long do Corellas live as pets?

With excellent diet, housing, and veterinary care, Long-billed Corellas can live 40-60 years or more in captivity. Be prepared for a lifetime commitment to caring for them.

Are Corellas good talkers?

Yes, Long-billed Corella for sale are considered excellent talkers able to mimic household noises, songs, and vocabulary very clearly. Their talking ability makes them sought after as pets.


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