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Military Macaw for sale

Hand Fed, Do Not Bite
Specie : Military Macaw for sale
​Age : 6 to 15 Months old
​Sex : Male and Female
​Vaccinated : Yes
​Tamed : Yes
Sex : Male / Female available


For Sale: Military Macaw Parrots

Native to South and Central America are the military macaw parrots. Generally speaking, they can be found from Mexico to Argentina. Military macaws, in contrast to other parrot species, typically favor dry regions over tropical rainforests.

They can also be found in trees that are close to water and in arid woodlands. Still, a portion of the South American flocks inhabit hillsides, canyons, and wet lowland forests. US-Sold Military Macaw Parrots



The military macaw is a gentle, easy-going bird. They rarely live alone in the wild, preferring to live in pairs or flocks of 10 to 20 birds. It is not uncommon for this bird to choose one person or even one gender in captivity.

It is critical to expose it to a wide range of individuals so that it remains amiable in all social circumstances. California Military Macaw Parrots for Sale

While military macaws aren’t known for being particularly sociable, those that have been properly handled and socialized may enjoy some hugging and petting. military macaw parrots for sale online

Voice and Vocalizations

Though this bird is not as good a talker as other parrots, it can be trained to be talkative and acquire a few words and phrases.

These birds, like all macaws, will wake with the light each morning and scream to let you know. This terrifying call occurs again in the evening as I prepare for bed.

Although they are one of the calmer macaws, they can shriek and have a characteristic croak. This level of loudness is typically unsuitable for apartment or condominium living.


Colors and markings for Military Macaw Parrots

Military macaws are mostly green, with bright lime green on the head and deeper and olive greens on the body.

Their wings feature a beautiful blue border and a bright red tuft on their foreheads. Their tail feathers are brown and crimson with a yellow-olive undertone.

These birds have dark gray legs and feet and prominent black beaks. The distinctive naked macaw face patches, each with concentric bands of little black feathers, frame their eyes.

This is a monomorphic species, which means that males and females appear the same. The only method to tell if a bird is male or female is through DNA testing or surgical sexing. For sale are talking military macaw parrots.


Taking Care of a Military Macaw Parrot

The owner of a parrot in captivity becomes the bird’s flockmate. This is not a pet that can be bought and ignor; these birds require companionship and mental stimulation. If you don’t comply, you’ll pay the price in destroyed goods, bitten fingers, and frustration.

The cage itself should be at least 2.5 feet by 3 feet wide and 5 feet tall. Create a designated bird-safe room if possible. Include a large perch within the cage as well as a play stand for when it is not in its cage. The military macaw may grow possessive with its cage; keep your hands out of the cage while the bird is inside.

Common Health Issues

Macaws are long-lived birds, although they, like all parrots, are susceptible to macaw wasting syndrome and enlarged beaks.3 Military macaws, like other pet parrots, may self-mutilate by feather plucking if they feel neglected or bore.


Food and Nutrition

Military macaws eat seeds, berries, nuts, fruits, and vegetables in the wild. Pet military macaws should follow a similar diet that includes a high-quality seed or pellet mix as well as fresh bird-safe fruits and vegetables.

Macaw owners frequently discover that their bird enjoys dining with them. You can give them healthful “people food” on occasion, including tiny amounts of protein such as chicken.

If it’s healthy, natural, and generally regarded as “good for you,” it should also be beneficial for your bird. Avocado, chocolate, and rhubarb are the only exclusions since they are harmful to birds.


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