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Red-Necked Amazon For sale


Red-Necked Amazon Parrot

The Red Necked Amazon (Amazona arausiaca) is a brightly colored parrot native to the tropical regions of Mexico, Central and South America. Named for the vibrant red patch of feathers on their nape, these loud, interactive birds can make interesting pets for dedicated owners able to properly care for them.


Red-necked Amazons have extroverted, silly personalities. They form very strong bonds with their owners and love attention and playing games. Lots of toys and training sessions give them needed mental stimulation. Early socialization helps with managing their loud vocalizations.

Speech and Vocalizations

While Red-necked Amazons can potentially mimic some words or phrases with consistent positive reinforcement training, their loud calls and screams may preclude apartment living. They vocalize often with deafening volume.

Colors and Markings

Mostly bright green with vivid red feathers on the nape lending to their name. More red feathers with blue and yellow highlights are visible on their wings and tail. Males and females show little color differnces.


These active, noisy parrots need experienced owners able to properly care for them. A large cage, heavy duty toys to shred, ample supervised out of cage time, and training sessions provides essential mental and physical activity.

Health Problems

With a nutritious diet and proper care, Red-necked Amazons can live 60+ years. Common health issues include fatty liver disease, obesity, respiratory infections and feather damaging behaviors. Annual check ups monitor health. Quarantining new bird additions prevents contagious diseases.

Diet and Nutrition

They need a quality pellet diet, fresh chopped produce, and some seeds, whole grains or nuts. Continual access to clean, fresh water is vital. Monitor treats as obesity is an issue.


A large cage provides room for flying and climbing. Additionally, Red-necked Amazons need supervised time out of cage daily to spread their wings fully. Climbing ladders, swinging ropes, and shredding wood toys keeps them stimulated.

Where to Adopt or Buy

Contact avian rescue groups to adopt a Red-necked Amazon needing rehoming. Always avoid buying birds from unreliable online sellers or pet stores. Do thorough research to ensure you can properly care for this vocal, interactive parrot before deciding to add one to your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do Red-necked Amazons live? With proper diet and care, around 60 years or more.
  • What’s their temperament? Outgoing, super bonded and playful. Need lots attention and stimulation.
  • Are Red-necked Amazons loud pets? Extremely piercing loud vocalizations. Demanding of attention.
  • What health problems do they have? Fatty liver disease, obesity, infections and feather damaging behaviors most commonly seen. Monitor weight closely.
  • Can they talk? Some ability to mimic speech but very loud overall.
  • Good family pet? Not ideal for first-time owners. Need experienced owner accustomed to high maintenance parrots.

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