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Saint Lucia Amazon For sale

Saint Lucia Amazon parrot

 Sounds: Vocal,  Mimics, Natural
Interaction: Social, Fun, Clown,
Specie : Amazon parrot
​Age : 0  to 10  Months old
​Sex : Male and Female
​Vaccinated : Yes
​Tamed : Yes
Sex : Male / Female available


Saint Lucia Amazon Parrot

The Saint Lucia Amazon (Amazona versicolor) is a rare, medium-sized parrot native to the island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean. With vibrant green plumage accented by bright red wing feathers, these affectionate and vocal birds can make entertaining companion pets.


Saint Lucia Amazons have outgoing, playful personalities. They form very strong bonds with their owners and thrive on frequent attention and interaction. Lots of toys and activities help prevent problem behaviors from boredom. Their loud vocalizations necessitate proper socialization.

Speech and Vocalizations

These Amazons have a moderate ability to mimic speech when patiently rewarded during training. However, their extremely loud and shrill flock calls can preclude them from apartment living. They vocalize frequently with squawks, shrieks and whistles.

Colors and Markings

Their green feathers show a faint scalloped pattern on the nape. Bright red feathers stand out vividly on the bend and edges of their wings against the green background. Their tapered tail feathers display vivid red central feathers mixed with green. No major differences exist in male and female plumage coloration.


These active parrots need lots of room for exercise and play. A large cage with room to flap their wings provides essential daily activity. Rotate new toy offerings weekly to prevent boredom. Spend plenty of time interacting with them outside the cage each day.

Health Problems

With proper care and diet, Saint Lucia Amazons can live 50+ years. Wellness exams every 6-12 months helps catch any health issues early. Monitor weight as obesity can occur. Common health concerns include fatty liver disease, respiratory infections, and blood feather disorders.

Diet and Nutrition

High quality pellets should form most of their diet, supplemented with fresh fruits and chopped veggies daily. Sprouted seeds, whole grains and nuts add variety and nutrients. Ensure fresh, clean drinking water is always available.


These active Amazons need room to spread their wings and play, both inside their cage daily and during periods outside the cage. Provide wood perches, rope perches, swinging toys and climbing ladders for exercise. Rotate new toys weekly to prevent boredom and encourage natural foraging behaviors.

Where to Adopt or Buy

With less than 300 existing in the wild, captive breeding programs help bolster the Saint Lucia Amazon population. Contact avian conservation groups to adopt one needing a home, avoiding retailers sourcing birds from disreputable breeders. Perform substantial research beforehand on properly caring for this vocal, demanding parrot.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do Saint Lucia Amazons live? With proper care and diet, around 50 years or more.
  • What’s their temperament like? Outgoing, playful and very bonded with owners. Need lots of attention and toys.
  • Are Saint Lucia Amazons loud pets? Yes, extremely loud vocalizations may bother neighbors. Something to strongly consider first.
  • What health problems do they have? Fatty liver disease, respiratory infections and blood feather disorders are most often seen.
  • Can they talk? Moderate ability to mimic speech with consistent training and rewards. But overall very noisy.
  • Good family pet? Not ideal for families who can’t spend ample time actively interacting with them. Their loud noises can also be an issue in apartments.


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