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Short-Tailed Amazon Parrot For sale


Short-tailed Amazon Parrot

The Short-tailed Amazon (Amazona leucocephala) is a stunning, mostly green parrot that is medium-sized and native to the Bahamas and Caribbean islands. Known for their bright splash of yellow on their crown and short blunt tail feathers, these parrots can make friendly and entertaining companion pets.


Short-tailed Amazons have extroverted, comical personalities. They are highly intelligent and bond closely with owners, though may pick one person as their favorite. They can learn tricks and have a moderate talking ability. Lots of interactive toys and daily training sessions provide needed mental stimulation.

Speech and Vocalizations

While not the best talkers, they have potential to mimic speech or other noises when consistently rewarded during training sessions. Their vocalizations tend to be shrill when excited, so their volume level needs consideration.

Colors and Markings

Mostly green overall, these parrots have a vibrant yellow crown of feathers. Their lower nape often shows orange tinges. The feathers of their blunt, short tail show vivid red, yellow, and sometimes blue markings. Males and females appear similar in coloration.


A good quality diet and properly sized cage helps keeps Short-tailed Amazons healthy and happy. Provide wood perches of varying widths along with rope perches for foot health and exercise. Rotate new toy offerings weekly to prevent boredom. Spend at least a few hours daily interacting outside the cage.

Health Problems

With proper care and diet, Short-tailed Amazons can live 40+ years. Obtaining them from reputable breeders promotes good genetic health. Quarantining new birds prevents contagious diseases. Common issues seen include respiratory infections, obesity, and blood feather disorders. Wellness exams every 6-12 months with an avian vet help catch issues early.

Diet and Nutrition

These parrots need high quality pellets, fresh vegetables and fruits daily. Some sprouted seeds, nuts, whole grains and legumes can offer variety. Ensure they have continual access to clean, fresh drinking water.


As very active parrots that flock in treetops in the wild, an appropriately sized cage for room to flap wings provides daily exercise. Additionally, create opportunities for them to spread their wings fully at times outside the cage daily. Rotate an assortment of wood and toy offerings to keep their mind engaged.

Where to Adopt or Buy

Check parrot adoption groups and breeder networks to find a Short-tailed Amazon needing a home. Reputable breeders focus on temperament and health in their breeding stock. Avoid purchasing parrots from retailers that source from bird mills. Perform thorough research on caring for this vocal, high energy parrot before deciding if it fits your lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do Short-tailed Amazons live? With proper care, around 40 years or more.
  • What’s their temperament like? Extroverted, highly intelligent and bonds closely. May pick a favorite person. Needs lots of training and toys.
  • Are Short-tailed Amazons loud? Yes, they tend to vocalize shrilly when excited. Something to consider.
  • What health issues do they have? Respiratory infections, obesity and blood feather disorders are most commonly seen.
  • Do Short-tailed Amazons talk? They have moderate speech ability with consistent training. But usually aren’t the best talkers.
  • Is this parrot good for families? Generally yes, though their loud vocalizations may bother some. Older kids tend to do better at interacting frequently.


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