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Solomons Cockatoo for sale

Bird Species:Solomons Cockatoo

Sounds: Vocal,  Mimics, Natural calls
Interaction: Social, Fun, Clown,
Specie :Solomons Cockatoo
​Age : 0 to 10    Months old
​Sex : Male and Female
​Vaccinated : Yes
​Tamed : Yes
Sex : Male / Female available


Solomons Cockatoo – Elegance from the South Pacific

The Solomons Cockatoo for sale is a beautiful white parrot named after the Solomon Islands where it is endemic. With their elegant crest and captivating behaviors, these birds can make for challenging but rewarding companion pets.

History of the Solomons Cockatoo

  • Native to tropical forests across several South Pacific islands.
  • Traditionally used in tribal headpieces and ceremonies due to their beauty.
  • Vulnerable to habitat loss and illegal trapping for the pet trade.
  • Clustered in small isolated populations, though still relatively abundant on some islands like Bougainville.
  • Balance needed between preserving wild populations and meeting demand for captive bred birds.

Solomons Cockatoo Temperament

  • Highly active and vocal birds that demand constant stimulation.
  • Form very strong bonds with owners, can become possessive.
  • Prone to screaming if bored or feeling neglected. Lots of toys and interaction required.
  • Affectionate personality once bonded, enjoys petting.
  • Confident foragers and climbers, curious and investigative.
  • Can learn some words but not considered advanced talkers.

Solomons Cockatoo Colors and Markings

  • Mostly bright white plumage.
  • Elegant backward curling yellowish crest.
  • Grey legs, white beak tipped with black, and dark brown irises.
  • Some individuals may have yellow spotting or a light wash of yellow on their crest.
  • Females generally have a more reddish iris and broader head than males.

Caring for a Solomons Cockatoo

  • Large cage with variety of perches, toys.
  • Pelleted diet with fresh foods like fruit, veggies, sprouts.
  • Foraging activities to occupy their active minds.
  • Daily interaction and supervised time out of cage.
  • Positive reinforcement training for behaviors and speech.
  • Ideal temperature range of 65-85°F.

Solomons Cockatoo Health Issues

  • Respiratory infections if exposed to dust or rapid temperature changes.
  • Fatty liver disease from poor diet, obesity. Monitor weight.
  • Feather damaging behavior from boredom or anxiety. Ensure proper environment.
  • Potential complications breeding hens like egg binding. Provide supplements.
  • Annual vet exams to monitor overall health since they live 40+ years.

Diet and Nutrition for Solomons Cockatoos

  • High quality pelleted base diet.
  • Plentiful vegetables and fruits like corn, beans, apple, banana.
  • Limited healthy grains, nuts, seeds.
  • Calcium and vitamin supplements as needed.
  • Fresh, filtered water always available.

Exercise and Enrichment

  • Minimum 2 hours supervised time out of cage daily.
  • Variety of toys they can shred, chew, climb on. Rotate frequently.
  • Trick training and human interaction to occupy active minds.
  • Large cage to flap wings comfortably.
  • Outdoor flights in aviaries also beneficial when possible.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Solomons Cockatoo

  • Check parrot rescue organizations for adoptable birds.
  • Reputable breeders can be located through vet referrals or bird clubs.
  • Avoid pet stores selling wild-caught birds. Source ethically captive bred birds only.
  • Be prepared for specialized care needed by this active, demanding species.

FAQs about Solomons Cockatoos

Are Solomons Cockatoos loud?

Yes, Solomons Cockatoo for sale are very loud and vocal birds. Their screams can be shrill and attention-demanding. Lots of training and stimulation is needed to curb screaming.

How smart are Solomons Cockatoos?

They are intelligent and curious but not the most advanced learners compared to some other cockatoos and parrot species. They can pick up some words and phrases with regular training.

What’s the Solomons Cockatoo lifespan?

In captivity, provided with excellent diet and care, Solomons cockatoos typically live 40 years or more. Some reports of individuals reaching 60 years old.

Do Solomons Cockatoos make good pets?

They can make good pets for dedicated owners able to provide lots of attention, training, toys, and a proper environment. Their loud vocals and destructive chewing must be managed.

Are Solomons Cockatoos endangered?

They are classified as Vulnerable by the IUCN Red List due to habitat loss and trapping. Supporting responsible captive breeding helps protect wild populations.


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