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Sun Conure parrot for sale

Bird Species:Sun Conure parrot

Sounds: Vocal,  Mimics,
Interaction: Social, Fun, Clown,
Specie :Sun Conure parrot
​Age : 2 to 11    Months old
​Sex : Male and Female
​Vaccinated : Yes
​Tamed : Yes
Sex : Male / Female available


Sun Conures: Radiant Companions Native to South America

Renowned for their vibrant plumage and exuberant nature, Sun Conure parrot for sale originate from northeastern South America. They inhabit forests and woodlands in Guyana, Suriname, and Brazil where they form large, noisy flocks. This medium-sized parrot has grown popular in aviculture thanks to its radiant coloration and affectionate personality when properly trained. Read on to learn all about the history, traits, and care of the sun conure as a pet bird.

Wild Origins of the Sun Conure

The Sun Conure parrot for sale scientific name is Aratinga solstitialis. It is one of over 25 species in the Aratinga genus of conures. Sun conures reside in tropical and subtropical regions of South America, mainly in the Guianas. They favor lowland rainforests and open woodlands along rivers and creeks. Their range extends across northern Brazil, Suriname, Guyana and into Venezuela.

Vibrant as Their Plumage

One look at a sun conure reveals where they get their name – their bright plumage evokes the colors of a sunny day. Their disposition matches their vibrant appearance. Sun conures are active, noisy, and highly social. They form close bonds with their human caretakers when handled gently and given ample attention. Their rambunctious nature also means they delight in chewing, climbing, and exploring their environment.

Natural Vocalizations and Speech

In the wild, sun conures are extremely loud and vocal. Their piercing calls can travel over a mile. They use their loud squawks and shrieks to communicate within large flocks. As pets, sun conures often scream frequently out of boredom or excitement. While they can mimic speech, their talking ability is limited to just a few words or phrases.

Striking Orange Plumage

Brilliant orange plumage covers the body of the Sun Conure parrot for sale. Their flight feathers display lovely shades of yellow and green. The face has periophthalmic rings and blue streaking. No gender differences exist in size or coloration. Juveniles start with darker irises that lighten as they mature.

Caring for a Demanding Parrot

High-energy and highly intelligent, sun conures demand significant time, effort, and expense to care for properly. Key aspects include:

  • Large cage, plenty of safe toys
  • Several hours supervised playtime daily
  • Pelleted diet with ample produce
  • Positive reinforcement training
  • Social interaction with family
  • Noise level requires consideration

Sun conures thrive with the proper environment, diet, and enrichment.

Potential Health Issues

With attentive ownership, Sun Conure parrot for sale typically live 25-30 years or more. Be watchful for:

  • Overgrown beak and nails
  • Obesity
  • Feather damaging behavior
  • Respiratory infections
  • Reproductive issues in females
  • Vitamin A deficiency

Wellness exams allow early diagnosis and treatment of conditions.

Nutrition Requirements

A balanced Sun Conure parrot for sale diet consists of:

  • High-quality pellets made for small parrots
  • Plenty of chopped fruits and veggies
  • Limited nuts, seeds, whole grains
  • Fresh, clean water changed daily

Avoid excess fats, sugars, salt and toxic foods. Monitor food intake.

An Active Lifestyle

Energetic sun conures need at least 2-3 hours of playtime and stimulation daily, including:

  • Supervised time flying in a bird-proof room
  • Puzzle toys, foraging activities
  • Shower perches for bathing
  • Social interaction with human flock
  • Positive reinforcement training

An unenriched, sedentary lifestyle often results in screaming, feather picking, and aggression.

Finding a Sun Conure

Be selective when acquiring a sun conure from a breeder, rescue, or shelter. Do extensive research to ensure they follow ethical practices for avian health and welfare. Expect to spend $200-600 for a hand-fed baby. While demanding, sun conures make devoted companions when given the care they require.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much noise do sun conures make?

Sun conures are extremely loud and vocal. Their piercing calls can be irritating to neighbors, especially in apartments. This species needs more space than most conure varieties.

What is the lifespan of a sun conure?

With diligent ownership, a healthy diet, and regular vet checks, sun conures typically live 25-30 years. Some may reach 40-50 years.

What fruits and vegetables do sun conures eat?

Good options include apples, mangos, berries, kiwi, melons, banana, sweet potato, carrots, squash, kale, and peppers. Give a variety daily.

How big of cage does a sun conure need?

A minimum of 24x24x36 inches is recommended but bigger is better. They should have room to spread wings fully.

Can I let my sun conure fly outdoors?

Supervised time in an outdoor aviary can be enriching. But letting them free fly outside is dangerous as they can escape or be preyed upon.


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