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Vinaceous-Breasted Amazon For sale


Vinaceous-Breasted Amazon Parrot

The Vinaceous-breasted Amazon (Amazona vinacea) is a rare, strikingly colored parrot native to Brazil. With vibrant red plumage on their head and underparts contrasting green back feathers, these affectionate yet loud birds require dedicated owners able to provide their complex care.


Vinaceous-breasted Amazons form extremely strong bonds with their owners. They thrive on frequent attention and interaction. An inquisitive nature leads them to be quite vocal when excited or startled. Lots of toys and training sessions provide needed mental stimulation.

Speech and Vocalizations

While able to mimic some words or phrases when consistently rewarded in training, their deafeningly loud squawks and screams preclude them from apartment living. Their vocal nature demands early socialization and training not to scream for attention.

Colors and Markings

As named, vibrant reddish-pink plumage covers their forehead, cheeks, chin, and undersides. Green feathers cover their back, wings and tail. Some yellow or orange may show on the nape area and blue highlights on flight feathers. Males and females show minimal color differences.


These loud, demanding parrots need experienced owners able to spend ample time interacting with them daily. A large cage, shredding toys to demolish, and new toy rotations weekly prevents boredom. Limited availability means substantial research into properly caring for them beforehand.

Health Problems

With proper care, Vinaceous-breasted Amazons can live 60+ years. Annual vet exams monitor for issues like fatty liver disease, atherosclerosis, psittacosis, and feather damaging behaviors. Weight and nutritional intake need consistent monitoring as obesity is problematic.

Diet and Nutrition

A nutritious diet includes high quality pellets, sprouted seeds, fresh chopped fruits and vegetables. Some whole grains, nuts and legumes also offer healthy variety. Ensure fresh drinking water availability continually.


Vinaceous-breasted Amazons require substantial daily exercise to thrive. A large cage provides room for flapping and climbing. Additionally they need ample supervised time outside the cage to spread their wings fully. Lots of shredding, climbing and swinging toys keeps them active.

Where to Adopt or Buy

Their limited availability means finding a Vinaceous-breasted Amazon may require getting on wait lists with an ethical, reputable breeder. Be sure to ask about genetic health testing in their breeding stock. Avoid pet stores that source from disreputable breeders.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do Vinaceous-breasted Amazons live? Approximately 60+ years with ideal care and diet.
  • What’s their temperament like? Affectionate and closely bonded with their owners yet very loud/demanding.
  • Are Vinaceous-breasted Amazons loud pets? Extremely loud vocalizations may bother neighbors frequently.
  • What health problems do they have? Fatty liver disease, atherosclerosis, feather damaging behaviors and obesity most often seen.
  • Can they talk? Some ability to mimic words but very loud overall.
  • Good family pet? Not ideal for first-time owners. Need experienced owner accustomed to high maintenance parrots.


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